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24 July 2008 @ 08:26 pm
I really loved the movie Penelope. Everyone should go check it out. I wanted to make icons for Penelope but I wanted them to be different. Plus I've been having creative blocks so I was trying to do new things and just really experiment. So a few of them look a little odd, but I still like them. Let me know if you think there pretty or ugly or whatever. Thx. There are 27 icons.

1-15 Christina Ricci as Penelope
16-27 James McAvoy as Max


The Rest ThisawayCollapse )

Icon Policy
Here's the thing. I don't care if you take my icons and edit them or not give me credit. As far as I'm concerned icons are easy to make and I'm just happy to share them. So its fine if you credit or don't. Please do comment though because I like hearing which ones you like, but commenting not required either. <3 You All. Bye.

If you are going to credit, credit indie_infection or infectiousicons
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Thanks <3